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“Book of Remembrance ”                   (To remember my forefathers)

Out of the History Book
           These Names have Come,
They have stood the test of time
           Names of Kings, princes and Men,
Brave Men who were forged within the fires of life
           They have stood so that we can exist,
This is the Root of our Tree
            It is from them that We Stem.

                          By: C. D. J. Maylor © Copyright 2007 (all Rights reserved)



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Presented above are details and evidences relating to what actually happened during the 'Struggle for Welsh (British) Freedom' the issues raised here affect the 'Scottish and Irish peoples in addition to other countries like France and Spain and against all the odds this is the Truth with evidences being both readily available and in part provided. For more information download the book 'The house of Mathrafal' in .Pdf and make use of the magnification icons to analyze all the images and evidences in detail – the genealogies are genuine and the documents are unique.


"Rhyddid ag Gwysafiaid ô ddea’r Gorthrymder" - Freedom and Resistance against Oppression.

For the Record: To be Free should not be a Privilege since it is a Human Right with any Person or Collective of People inhibiting this Right being Guilty of Violating the Rights of Every Individual on Earth through Abuses instigated for the Control and Subservience of All other People.

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