I walk through shadows every day,

Just the souls you cannot save.




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Ŷ Pâw Lêw (The Lions Paw)

This has been a British symbol for 'Freedom and Resistance against Oppression' for over 2,000 years.

The Issue is not within Resisting it is within Enduring to a Point whereby your actions Highlight and Expose what and to whom

'You are Resisting Against'.


This web-site is based upon a Nationalist point of view and representative of the reverse side of a coin, the few images presented here on this site although they are in high definition are nothing compared to what is presented within the books 'All of which can be reviewed in .FLASH format upon Paw-Lew.co.uk'.

Pieces of information are great but they are nothing compared to the sum of all the information which is the complete and total volume of information.

"A sip of water is not equal to a cup of water"

One of these will quench your thirst whilst the other will not.


  • This website is dedicated to all those people who have stood here as part of the struggle for Freedom from Oppression; in relation to this I present the main book which is called: 'The State of Injustice' it has taken 7yrs to write and relates to issues of 'Legitimacy within the Law' along with the 'Truth in all Actuality', this is Freely Given (No Charge).

It is based upon a true event - Every person upon this Planet deserves to have some measure of 'Human Rights', they certainly deserve the 'Right' to be 'Tried Without Prejudice'. Cases brought against people should not be based upon 'Fraudulent' and 'False Evidences', 'Smear Campaigns or False Allegations' and all justice systems should stand 'Legitimately within the Law' without either 'Prejudice, Distortion nor Perversion'.

Within the above statement All of Our Governments and Authorities are employed by us to provide us with 'Lawful Service' they are therefore Bound within the laws they Produce, Endorse and Enforce upon others (us). If they themselves cannot stand legitimately within those laws (which they themselves bring into being) or to uphold the legitimacy of those laws (they themselves introduced) then they through their own actions undermine those laws along with their legitimate standing.

This is a fundamental failure within them (the System) which dissolves not only the law but their authority as lawful institutions. Within this there is a fundamental recognition that All Lawful Systems stand and are legally bound within the Law so as to uphold the Legitimacy of the Law through their Actions. Should those Authorities fail to do this or fail to recognise or disclose those failures then the system itself has failed due to the illegitimacy and criminality of those authorities.

FACT: 'Your Nation Stands Upon The Legitimacy Of Your Nations Laws'.

I am playing this book down with deliberate intent for obvious reasons (you will understand why if you read it); the book is a difficult read but without any shadow of a doubt if you can get through it you will emerge as twice the man or woman, ill be honest it may upset some people because it is based upon a true event; however it is FREE to download and save in .Pdf or .Flash'

Please Note:I do not have any human rights myself under either English or European law since I am ‘Displaced in Law’ therefore outside the system and cannot ask you or any other person for a fixed payment for the items presented upon this Website or within these books as technically I have no right in law to use the Monetary systems. Because of my not so unique set of circumstances (there are other people who are victims of State Crime); they exist in every country which is a Fact. Additionally there has to be Legitimacy within the Law for these systems to exist as Lawful Institutions with any failure within them to provide their Nations of People with Lawful Service exposing them as being built upon Crime, Corruption, Distortion and Perversion.

For this reason you may down load these books and pay nothing if you choose; I rely on donations and any revenues raised through donations go to form a Trust Fund which will exist to Repair and Replace (as Required) what we retain, no moneys may come to me personally since I have no Human Rights in law therefore No Legitimate Government can Lawfully deduct Tax from me without committing Fraud and Extortion since it was these Authorities whom displaced me in Law through a failure to provide lawful service with that being done through the Perversion of Justice. In denying me and my family Lawful Service they denounced me in law as not being a Citizen of my country therefore not entitled to receive Justice Without Prejudice with this being a Relinquishment of Jurisdiction in Law.

My situation is explained in great detail since my hope is to prevent you or anyone you care about standing here and I can only achieve that by enlightening you and this can only be achieved through the disclosure of the facts - Justice be Done.

There has to be Legitimacy within the Law and any Distortion or Perversion of the Law undermines the Legitimacy of those Nations Laws – Justice has to stand without Prejudice not Distorted nor Pervrted.

Other books:

  • 'The House of Mathrafal' - dedicated to the history of the Maylor family and contains substantial genealogies, histories and evidences; the book is unequaled whilst presenting substantial information relating to the Genealogies of the British (Brythic) and Cambrian (Cymric or Welsh) Kings, Princes and People. The book is named after the 'Genealogical Documents' because it is based upon our records and within this 'We are the house of Mathrafal' a house that existed long before Rhodri Mawr or Merfyn Frych. It pre-dates the Roman invasion and stems from the town of 'Mediolan' called 'Mediolanum' by the Romans who fortified it. In point of fact Elisedd map Gwylog map Beli built the 1st Castle of Mathrafal between 726 and 764 AD, he represented the house of Pouis (Powys) and is the King who erected the Cross in what is now recorded as: Vale Cricis; (the valley of the Cross).

    Maylor is the Anglisization of Maylour (Brythig) and Maelour (Cymric/Cymraeg) the actual surname itself is nothing to do with England or the English people and stems from Isobella Maylour the daughter of Maylour mab Peredyr Gam who defended St Davids (Menapiat) from the Normans (Black Danes) in 904AD (Evidences are Provided) with Maylour being the Brythig (British) name spelling.

    This is the Truth without Prejudice for that is the 'Truth'.

  • 'Chaos Theory' a paper based upon the 'Probability of Impossibilities occuring against the scale of Time to Infinity'; it is presented as a scientific perspective and 'possible proof of God'. At the moment it is still a (Work in progress - therefore not completed) however even scientists have to recognise Fundamental Issues, this is the 2nd 2011 ammended version and can be found upon the page 'Other Info'.

  • 'Sefyll ymhen Datgaddiad' (Standing within a Revelation) a small book in .Pdf relating to the comming of: 'Blaidd Rhydd' (Free Wolf); this book can be found on Page 2.

  • 'Hanes y Sang Royal' (History of the Grail Bloodlines) you may like this its a glimps into the chest whilst stemming from the origional source whilst at the same time recognising just as 'Fulk fitz Warren' states that the book relating to the 'Sang Royal' is indeed the 'Property of the House of Mathrafal' the book can be found on Page 2.

  • 'Grail Book' this is a far more detailed version of the above, outlining what happened to the Bethany family and the Grail Kings who were entrusted with their protection, in truth I wanted to sell this and the House of Mathrafal book for a fixed price to raise moneys for the Trust Fund but have chosen to rely upon Humanity instead; the book can be found on the page 'Other Information'.

    Jesus walked this planet without prejudice expressing humanity and compassion, he helped and healed anyone in need and was not prejudiced by the color of a man's skin, his faith or his convictions, within this Jesus helped and healed Jews, Muslims and Gentiles. His doctrine was not about the ritual of belief but how you actually stood before God and within this he taught and Expressed: ‘Humanity and Compassion’ through his actions.

  • Er Cof (Remember) this is a book on British Identity, History and Genealogy it is an eclectic book relating little known facts & can be found on the page 'Other Information'.

  • Paw-Lew (The Lions Paw) is a not so usual book of poetry since some parts projects a Nationalist point of Pregudice and I make no excuses for that since dominated Races of People have No Human Rights since they are Not Free, I have included some genealogies and Histories within this book; found on page 1.

  • 'Other' there are numerous other items presented throughout this website - Please Explore

  • Included on the site are previously unseen and unknown informations relating to the indigenous British people, Our History, Our heritage and Our genealogies. I am also presenting High definition photographs of some of our genealogies taken from the scrolls or copied off the other scrolls along with many other items you may find of interest. Information upon the Trust Fund can be found upon the Other Information Page to include an outline of the Trusts Aims and Ambitions.


'The concept of Hope is ever Eternal'

So don't give up.

Dŵy or Ddreîg Aûr ŷ Gododdin

(The Golden Dragons of the Gododdin)

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