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Ŷ Pâw Lêw (The Lions Paw)

This has been a British symbol for Freedom and Resistance against Oppression for over 2,000 years.

Er Cof y geiriau:


‘Rhyddid ag Gwrthsafiad oddiar Gorthrymder’




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Historical Injustices



"The State of Injustice"

Humanity starts with a fundamental recognition of what the 'Truth actually is' with the emphasis being upon 'Actuallity' as in the 'Actual Truth' not distorted nor perverted. This recognition is coupled with what 'Is' the 'Truth' as opposed to what is 'Not' and this establishes a 'Basis' upon which 'Justice' may stand without prejudice to be seen as being 'Lawfull' (a State without Corruption).

  1. Actuallity - is the Truth Without Prejudice
  2. True Justice - is Not Distorted Nor Perverted
  3. Without Legitimacy within the Law - There is no Law

(Since that is a fundamental failure within the law to stand lawfully).

This website upon the whole presents a ‘Nationalist Point of View’ and I make no excuses for that since 'Occupied and Dominated Nations have No Human Rights'; I have set this up for a number of purposes:

  • Firstly it is to Expose Fundamental failures within the English, European and Other Nations laws all of which impact every day upon the measure of Human Rights people have.

  • Secondly to Highlight those Bodies whom undermine the legitimacy of the law through their perversion of those laws coupled with their failure to recognise their own Negligences and Crimminality. Clearly Re-Interpreting law undermines the Legitimacy of the law at its Root whilst also Highlighting and Exposing an Intent - as in 'an Intention to Pervert, Undermine or Distort those Laws'; compounding this the Individuals involved within the action of Re-Interpretation also undermines the Legitimacy of the System which brought, argued and reasoned those Laws into existence (Some may call their actions Treason since their nations stand upon the Platform of Law).

  • Thirdly the book hopes to educate people by making them more aware of the Illegitimacy of Un-lawful Law and the illegal practices of authority to include the extent of their corruption. Within this it is fair to argue that if any government argues and reasons a law into existence then it is for a specific purpose so if that law is re-interpreted then that is a deliberate attempt to distort its origional purpose with this intention of distorting the perception of the law undermining the legitimacy of the law whilst exposing the corruption by intent of the person or persons seeking to unlawfully abuse the system through the distortion of law.

  • Fourthly I hope to restore some measure of foundation, Pride and Equilibrium to our family and others along with that of our nation of people who have been diminished and quashed beneath the heel of three oppressive invasions; Attacked and Persecuted generation after generation for more than 2.000yrs (Proof is provided).

Three murderous races stand upon the self proclaimed ‘Right by Conquest’ (Theft through Murder) it is an Illegal claim that tries to ‘Legitimate’ and ‘Justify’ through the ‘Perversion’ and ‘Distortion of Justice’ the ‘Right to Kill’ along with the ‘Right to Steal other peoples Property’. They claim that this ‘Right by Conquest’ legalizes and justifies their claim by making it ‘Acceptable’ to ‘Steal Other peoples Lands’ through the ‘Murder’ and ‘Enslavement’ of other ‘Nations’; this through the implementation and 'Political Manipulation' of the 'Masses' coupled with the acceptence of ‘Terror Tactics’, ‘Torture’, ‘Rape’, ‘Atrocity’ and of course ‘Annihilation’ (Systematic and Deliberate acts of Genocide) these can be seen as repetitive and continuous attacks upon a people or nation. Three Beast races who have destroyed, violated and stolen our history, eradicated our nation and stolen our genealogies, lands and titles; those peoples who pass themselves off as being us, trading upon our identity whilst imposing themselves upon us through the abuse of ‘Illegitimate and Unlawful Law’.

Within the above we the Legitimate Indigenous British People have been trapped beneath the heel of a ‘Satanic Boot’ for over 2,000 years and we are still not ‘FREE’.

This website hopes to address some issues within the application of those ‘Unlawful Laws’ with these relating to issues of ‘Legitimacy within the Law’ coupled with the ‘Truth in All Actuality’ (Actual Truth which is the Word of God - not distorted nor perverted). In relation to this ‘Perverting Justice’ is a ‘Crime’ and ‘Distorting the Truth’ makes it a ‘Lie’; True justice must remain beyond ‘Reproach’ whereas ‘English Justice like English law’ is ‘Not’.

Justice is founded upon the ‘Recognition’ and ‘Acceptance’ of there being ‘Fundamental Issus’ with these issues pertaining and ascertaining to the ‘Legitimacy of Law’ with ‘Any' and 'All Legitimate Laws’ being ‘Built' and 'Bound’ within and upon these ‘Fundamental Recognitions’. Any failure to recognise, uphold and maintain these fundamentals undermines the ‘Legitimacy of those Laws’. Any and all attempts at ‘Perverting or Distorting’ these Issues undermines and Illegitimates not only the Law but all those Bodies operating within and upon the Foundations of Law. In all actuality the act 'Illegitimates the Justice System' along with any 'Public Body' passing themselves off as being Legitimate whilst undermining not only those bodies but also the 'Legitimacy of the Nation' that stand upon those laws, this in essence is 'Treason' against the 'Nation' by the 'State'.

Hence I present the ‘State of Injustice’ in PDF and FLASH formats, the Book took 7yrs to write and is given ‘Free & for Gratis’ because ‘Every Person Deserves the Right in law to receive Justice’ (Without Prejudice) and ‘Every Person’ has a ‘Lawful Right to Receive’ some measure of ‘Human Rights’ coupled with some measure of ‘Protection from and within the Law’. Any Government whom cannot stand ‘Legitimately within the Laws’ they ‘Implement, Endorse and Enforce’ through the ‘Provision’ of ‘Lawful Service’ don’t only ‘Dissolve themselves in Law’. These Governments ‘Represent’ a ‘Nation’ which is also ‘Dissolve in Law’ through the ‘Criminality of that Governments actions’; these after all are the ‘Laws’ they ‘Forge into Existence’ and ‘Enforced upon others’ whilst ‘Claiming they are' or were ‘Legitimate’.

The "State of Injustice" attemps to deal with issues relating to the legitimacy of law. It is not a Light Read and attempts to takle complicated Issues, it is based and founded upon a true case that went to court in 2002 and relates to the 'Perversion of Justice' coupled with the presentation of 'False Physical Evidences' within a 'High Court of Law'. There are many other Issues stemming from and preceding this issue such as the impacts of Shock and Stress, Implications within Statements, Perjury, Deception, Conspiracy, False Allegations, False Evidences and More.

The issues raised within this book are Legitimate and Supported

The struggle for Freedom from Oppression is Ever Eternal and within this struggle we must be forever vigelant against those forces whom Distort and Pervert the Truth so as to Legitimate and Justify their Abuses.


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