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The Mathrafal Scroll Genealogies

This page is dedicated to all those people who stood so that we can exist they are our ancestors who have born the brunt of the 'Fight for Freedom' they are the root of our tree and it is from them that we stem. The poem below is taken from the book 'Paw-Lew' it is also present upon the main scrolls and is included to remind us all of their sacrifice.

Mae'r llyfr Mathrafal heb gael ei gorffan o'achos iddo fod rhyfath ar archyddiaeth y tylwyth 'Ar Byw' ag hyd i hyn bydda'n ni yn cywiro y llyfr mewn amser; ond i dechra hyd bu ein hannes.

The 'Mathrefal Scrolls Book' is similar to the 'scrolls' which is a living document that is continually ammended and added too, as such it is not finished and will be updated in due course; but to start this is our history.

I am presenting two versions of the book, they are virtually the same however one is in 'Lucida Blackletter' and the other in 'Arial'; both are offered in .Pdf and .Flash formats.

Please keep checking and I will update, amend and extend the books in due course.



The House of Mathrafal (Mediolan)


Pdf Lucida Blackletter


Flash Lucida Blackletter


Pdf Arial

Flash Arial

Flash Arial



“Y coflyfr”                   Î cofnodi fy’n hadau

Allan or coflyfr hanes
           Maer enwau yma yn dwad,
Mae nhw wedi sefyll y prawf amser
           Enwau brenhinoedd, tywysogion â dynion,
Dynion dewr sŷn wedi cael ei morthwylio mewn y tân bywyd
           Mae nhw wedi sefyll felly honno i ni câl bôd,
Hyn ywr gwreiddiau ein coeden
            O ddiar nhw ydan ni yn corsen.

                          Gan: C. D. J. Maylor © Hawlfraint 2007 (Ar ei Cadw Pob Hawl)


(English translation)


“The annals”                In remembrance of my forefathers

From the annals of history
            These names came,
They have withstood the test of time
            Names of kings, princes and men,
Brave men forged from the fires of life
            They have stood so that we can exist,
These are the roots of our tree
            They are from whom we stem.

                                      By C. D. J. Maylor © 2007 (All Rights Reserved).



These books are offered with best intentions despite my ‘Nationalist Point of View’ and for the interest of the Legitimate and Indigenous Britons now called Welsh along with distant relatives that these few remaining people may learn their true history.

You may download the books and information off this site for Gratis (Free of Charge) however bare in mind what this information is worth, that we are not a charity so any donations or financial support would be Gratefully Appreciated.

It doesn’t have to be much since anything helps to maintain this website, correlate and maintain our records therefore retain this information for you; it also aids us in supporting our Trust into existence. Our ambition is to have a secure facility which will be open to the public but where we can also repair, maintain, copy and amend what we retain; the documents will be on full display where if needed we will be in a position to renew make replicas or replacement documents. Our aim for the Trust is to provide a facility which would offer Artists, Genealogists and Historians an opportunity to work around these documents all of which are unique.

To us the value is not within the age of the document but rather within the Information contained upon or within that document, in fact the cost of preserving documents is a false economy since nothing lasts and preserving and retaining the information is far more prudent.


A section of the Brutus scroll (Above)

The entire scroll is hand painted on vellum.


"There are two sides to History"


The Mathrafal scrolls have not been released before due to the circumstances surrounding our ancestry, our family and our relationship to the English (Saxon and Danish) invaders. These records are however supported by many other 'internal' and 'external' documents and records so you can easily research the accuracy of them yourself. Although they do contradict other records in part on the whole they support and are supported by eachother. The photograph (Above) is linked to a 'High Resolution' picture 11+ megapixels so you can view and examine the section in great detail. Nobody in Cymru (Wales a fragment of Cambria) has actually seen any of this untill now they therefore did not even know anything like this existed - this is the Root of their Tree and the Platform upon which they Stand before the World.

This fragment of the 'Mathrafal Scrolls' relates to the house of Guinedota (Gwynedd), Henry Tudor's genealogies, the slaughter of the princes, some genealogies descending from Simon and his sister Lydia (Graal Keeper) before Galaath (Guinhelaith) called Guineu Ddeufreuddwyd evidences are provided within the book 'Y Graal' (The Grail).

Joke isn't it - you have to imagine the impact these documents will have upon a people whilst being aware as I am that the English stole, violated and destroyed everything? That these genealogical documents are a record of attrocity which culminates in what can only be described as the systematic anhialation of the British, Cymbric and Pictish peoples.

Never give up Hope never give in for whilst there is Hope there is a Chance and that is all it Takes

Wars and Battles hang upon the Thread of Coincidence (Chance) and 'Miracles Happen'.


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