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The state  

                   How does a man stand to fight?
          Against a monster of such might
                   Overpowering beyond compare
          Terror only these would dare
                   Homicidal, fear and greed
          What type of man can fit this creed?
                    Arrogance beyond all bounds
          In this the monster is renowned
                   Psychopathic is its way
          It would sell your soul away
                   Torture is just a playful game
          How far they can extend all that pain
                   Justice is a card to play
          Appeases you in a peaceful way
                   Hope and charity, peace and love
          All enforced with a metal glove
                   Excuses they will say
          ‘I can assure you’ and ‘rest assured’
                   This is just to put you down
          So in your failure you aspire to drown
                   Monstrous, brutal a ruthless thing
          Insanity risen above all things
                   Justice cast upon the floor
          Buried beneath unlawful law
                   Horror, terror, illegal acts
          Legitimated to beat you back
                   Sickness, sadness the final stroke
          As slaves you pay until you’re broke
                   This the monster inspires to be
          Enslaving all humanity
                   Eternal is its appetite
          Greed for all within its sight
                   How they profit from your pain
          In this world ‘clinically insane’
                   Heathen-istic, sick little men 
          Extinguishing life by the stroke of a pen
                   Oh! How tragic they will say
          It appeases all their guilt away
                   Perhaps some crumbs off the plate
          There! That should keep you from our gate
                   Emperors, Nero’s, Pharos up high
          Oh! How they multiply
                   Will there ever be enough
          To fill their ever increasing cup
                   What when the monster gets so fat
          Should we drop it on its back?
                   Oh! How it may complain
          Cringing and fuming on the floor in pain.

                 Wrth/By: C. D. J. Maylor © 2009



This website is based upon a Nationalist Point of View and within this we are all Prejudiced.

The website is dedicated to the 'Maylor/Mailor/Maelor' families along with all those other British, Irish and Pictish Families who have stood against the terror of oppression. That to include the unlawful invasion of our countries coupled with the atrocity and the enslavement of Humanity beneath Cruel Tyrannical Dictatorships.

Within the above statement and against the common acceptance that Rome was a symbol of 'Light & Reason' I suggest it was Cruel, Illegal and Inhuman; a Monstrosity which Stupefied the world as we know it. They brought nothing to the world they did not steal from others through terror and atrocity; it was Rome who instigated the law 'Right by Conquest' (Theft through Murder) which is an illegal claim which implies it is 'Legal to Steal’ other peoples property through their ‘Murder' hence ‘Theft through Murder’.

All those countries which developed sciences, advances and technology were invaded, raped, mutilated and murdered so as to satisfy Roman Greed. Everything Rome acquired they stole from others and nothing beyond 'Bureaucracy', 'Politics' (which is a Satanic Art) and 'Cold Blooded Murder' were introduced by them; they destroyed peoples and nations along with their Histories, Libraries, Records, Genealogies their Achievements and their Scholars; all of whom were either perverted by Greedy Evil Men or Killed for Sport and Enslaved for Profit (Truth without Prejudice).

Nations achievements destroyed with their histories eradicated and this blinding the world we live in today, we exist in the aftermath of a Beast that ‘Stagnated the pond of all reason and all life’.

All our histories stand upon the events of the past with modern day events impacting upon them and no matter how you distort or pervert the reasons behind the actions you cannot conceal the intention to commit that action itself.

"The truth is paramount with actions speaking louder than any words".

One may argue that Rome directed the Christian Kingdoms against Jerusalem so as to recover the Holy City for Christians everywhere however the actual act of attacking Jerusalem was an attack upon God; wasn't it?

In the end we will all be judged upon our actions and nothing we say can justify or take away any of those Crimes that ‘all those Deviant and Evil men have done’.

Therefore the choices are:

  • We either stand upon their actions as 'Perpetrators of the Crime' (Sanctioning and supporting their actions as being legal all be it after the Fact there by endorsing those crimes).

  • Or we oppose them as 'Defenders' should oppose Beasts by standing against those Crimes thereby separating ourselves from their actions with this being done through our DNA and that establishing Fundamental Recognitions.

    Within this it is reasonable to suggest:
    • Every nation has the Right to Exist Free and Independent of all other Nations.

    • Every body has or had a Right to Life?

    • No person despite their arguments has or had any Right to deny another’s Right?

If people cannot recognise the 'Rights of Nations to Exist' how can they recognise the 'Rights of One Man'.

Without the recognition of 'Fundamental Rights' there is 'No Legitimacy within the Law' and 'Without Legitimacy within the Law' there is 'No Justice' and without 'Justice' there are 'No Lawful Authorities, Governments or Bodies'!

In the end the Truth will speak for itself, ‘Justice be Done’.


Contributions, Donations or Support would be Greatly Appreciated and put to Good Use but this website is not about proffit, if you feel you have learned or gained something then help with something, (Many Thanks).



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