Ensure that by the time your enemy realises he has set foot upon the field of battle and despite their measure of force or subjective power and scale of alliances.

Your strategy is not only in place as are you along with your allies; but the finality of the moment ensures the war is over because your enemy is where you placed him.

‘Know that beast by every move and every action so that you can direct him to where you want him to be’;

leaving nothing to chance; prepare for and perceiving his every move – ‘Nothing is unexpected since everything is intended’.

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Your enemy’s laws, rules and regulations exist so that they can legitimate their own actions whilst controlling yours; they ‘will not’ and ‘do not’ abide by those rules or guidelines.Understand these rules are your bonds of slavery they exist to restrict and inhibit you from being ‘Free’ or being ‘Equal’.

All laws, rules and regulations are a perception of understanding and only exist for as long as people accept or believe in them;

‘Apply your state of mind to understanding this state since it impacts upon the legitimacy of your argument by controlling your ability to express it fairly’.

(Deep are the depths of the un-blinkered mind)

Historical Injustices like any Injustice affects everyone whilst being complacent about these things legalizes those crimes through acceptability.

Your failure is your inability to demand 'Lawful Service' from the 'Authorities' (You Employ) coupled with a lack of 'Empathy' in relation to the 'Victim'. That lack of emotion (on Your Part) and a willingness to stand on 'Principle' (Against the State) makes it 'Acceptable to Commit similar Crimes' against other people with them including 'You' (Personally).

People have to 'Fight for Justice' because 'Authorities are every bit as Crimminal and Dishonest as the People they are employed to Oppose'. The problems here are that: "Two wrongs don't make a Right" and "Justice without Prejudice is your Birth Right".

Any person attacking these rights is attacking your nation with your nation standing upon the legitimacy of your nations laws.



We are all extremophiles fighting against all the odds in a world of evil selfish men and women with this being compounded by the sheer scale of deviant beastlike ego's whom stand upon and inhibit this world restricting us at each step;all of whom we have to fight along the way. Our concept of Freedom from abuses through the disclosure of Actual Truth which is not Distorted nor Perverted coupled with the presentation and upholding of Justice without Prejudice, Distortion nor Perversion through the provision of Lawful Service by the State of Corruption who undermine through their actions and distortions is clearly beyond our ability.

Never the less the possibility of success can be found and measured within our ability to highlight and expose these beasts through the Truth by exposing what we endevour against - Freedom from Persecution by the State of Corruption in Every Country must be our Goal.

The Establishment of Legitimacy within the Law is Fundamental and Paramount for without this No Nation and No Government stands Lawfully.

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